Scary Black – Shadow Dwellers (B​-​Sides)

As time passes and the older I get I have started to appreciate the Gothic side of post-punk. Indie chart bands like The Fields of the Nephilim or The Mission never did much for me although I always had a soft spot for the likes of bands such as The Rose of Avalanche and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Whilst indiepop slowly disappears from my radar I have been listening to a lot of old music circa 1980-83 and have been using bandcamp to listen to bands influenced by that period. One such band I have discovered is Scary Black.

And what a discovery! It’s retro sounding music full of nostalgia. Dark synths and melancholic lyrics complete with a sense of foreboding and gloom. I mean what more could you ask for from this sort of music? I am not sure where the a-sides are but if they are as half as good as their flip side brethren then a treat awaits all our ears.


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