Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

Today’s round up features compilations that may, or may not, grab your ears and attention…..

Goodbye Idiots II

A compilation put together to celebrate Mexican label Stupid Decisions second birthday. It features some excellent indiepop tunes from the likes of Marble Gods, Andrew Younker and Orchid Mantis amongst others. However it’s the new to me Perrogato and their track Fiesta Alienígena which is the pick of the bunch of those currently available for steaming.

Pre-order it from here.


Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 – Americas´Attack

The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records follow up last years Brazilian compilation with a compilation rounding up mainly shoegazer bands from across South America. I only recognise one or two names here but I guess that’s the point! Highlight so far is the contribution from Orquidea and their effort XL_(un millon de mujeres).


Strawberry Punks Vol. 2

Dismantled follow up Volume One with another five track compilation rounding up more bands on the Indonesian indiepop scene. Not much really differentiates the bands here and I am still wondering if The Lousy Pop Group is a joke or not!


POST GOTHIC You Should Know

There are compilations and there are compilations! I have enjoyed the compilations previously put out by Finnish DJ Oskar Terramortis mentioning some on these pages previously but this mammoth compilation may be the best yet. There are a 100 tracks here (try downloading that in FLAC!) rounding up the best in current goth rock and post-punk from around the globe. What an introduction. Set aside a weekend, draw the curtains and play loud!


No Hay Futuro

Sticking with post-punk and goth we head back to Stupid Decisions and a compilation dedicated to rounding up Post-Punk, Coldwave and Deathrock. Consejo’s effort Voces Extrañas, taken from their debut EP earlier this year, still sounds immense. I also enjoyed Structures Long Life which, whilst we are on the subject, also appears on French Label Buddy Records latest compilation.


Some Sort of Secret Sign – A Tribute to Sarah Records

This compilation features a number of bands from Lazio, Italy covering tracks from the Sarah Records archives. Only one track is currently available for preview and is True Sleeper’s cover of the Gentle Despite track Bittersweet Kiss. It’s available for pre-order from the Lady Sometimes label.


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